Hello everyone or just anyone who reads this.

I’ve decided to start a blog to describe, as the title suggests, living with floaters. But there is a subtle difference.

I’m 19 years old, female and a (soon to be) student. I’ve had floaters for about two years but over the past few months have noticed more and they started to get me down. Right now i should just clarify what floaters are- not unflushable feacal matter- but those of the eyes- degenerative vitreous syndrome (DVS). Anyone who thought i was talking about the former phenomenon may choose not to read on (though you should- more awareness is needed if a safe and non-invasive treatment is to be found and some medical professionals are to take the disease more seriously). Anyone who is a fellow sufferer, I hope you can relate to my experiences (perhaps even more so if you are a young sufferer) and they may be of some benefit to you?

This sounds a bit vague. Let me clarify. I’m not going to continually update everyone on how depressed I have become because of my floaters, or how they are getting worse. I’m not saying these things are not true, floaters can have a severe psychological effect on people but rather i’m going to talk about how i am living with them. REALLY LIVING with them. Not hiding in dimly lit rooms, shielding my eyes with raybans everytime i go out and inverting the colours of my computer. I don’t feel this is living but just avoiding the problem. I can hear fellow sufferers now saying “bullshit”, “they obviously aren’t that bad”.Ok they aren’t debilitating but i’m not naive enough to think they won’t get worse and for someone who used to have completely clear vision it is a hard thing to accept.

Floater forums have been good for support and knowing you’re not alone in suffering but i think they can also be a negative influence, making you feel even more depressed and hopeless as many posts describe only how their floaters have got worse and how badly it is affecting their lives. This may all be true. But i can’t believe that it has to be that way.

I hope people talk about floaters. I want people to SHOUT about them. make everyone friends, family, anyone aware of them. Don’t hide behind vacuous statements…e.g.one prominent post described how when someone asked why they had inverted the colours on their computer screen they said “its easier on the eyes”. NOOOO. Just say “I HAVE DEGENERATIVE VITREOUS SYDROME” (thats another thing- i think ‘floaters’ trivialises what is essentially a disease, therefore i will now be referring to them as DVS.  People need to become aware of how seriously it can affect someone’s life, so the condition is taken more seriously. If this happens the quicker a solution can be found and perhaps some medical professionals will be more sympathetic. Don’t hide that you have them- its nothing to be ashamed of.

From now on I am going to be documenting my experiences as a young person living with DVS. Not hiding in the dark, but ripping those raybans off, lifting my face to the sky and saying FUCK IT to floaters…